Gospel Communities

A Gospel Community (GC) is a sermon-based small group whose community is centered around the Gospel.  There is one designated day per week that each community meets as a whole at a host home, but Gospel Community is much more than a once-a-week meeting.  We believe Gospel-centered community can be accomplished by living intentionally and participating in the normal Christian rhythms of lifeeating, worshiping, learning, praying, repenting, recreating and serving together. We ask all of our church attendants to participate in a GC and follow Jesus with an obedient heart.

How do I join a GC?

  • Click on the "Contact" tab across the top menu, and let us know you'd like to join up with one of our Gospel Communities.
  • You are free to visit multiple groups, but please don’t "date" groups forever. Once you decide on a group, please let that leader know.
  • Please reach out to us using the same "Contact" tab if you have any questions concerning our GCs.

Available Groups

Map of GC locations

LEGEND for map:
(1) Newnan North - Stefan GC.   (2) Newnan Northeast - Walpole GC.   (3) Downtown South - Daane GC.  
(4) Downtown East - O'Berry GC.   (5) Summergrove - Grasso GC.   (6) Tyrone - Russell GC.   (7) Student Group.

NOTE:  The numbered GC groups shown above are displayed below arranged by day of the week.




None at this time.  (Typical meeting nights for Men's or Women's Theology sessions.)


None at this time.